Attorney General Garland’s son-in-law’s company claims Trump supporters are White Supremacists

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law co-founded an education company that released a “resource” for teachers that claim supporters of former President Donald Trump are white supremacists.

Alexander ‘Xan’ Tanner, 30, is a founder and the president of Panorama Education, an analytical software and services company in Boston. The workshop that Panorama Education recently released talks about systematic racism. This section is titled, “SEL as Social Justice: Dismantling White Supremacy Within Systems and Self”.

Within that section, there is a link to an article titled “How White Supremacy Lives in Our Schools”, written by Altagracia Montilla. Montilla is a self-described “freedom-dreamer, facilitator, and strategist committed to dismantling oppressive systems.”

Within this article, there is a section that refers to the Ku Klux Klan members and President Trump’s supporters as ‘examples of white supremacy’. In the article, Montilla wrote, “The rise in images of overt white supremacy in the media feeds into the confusion about white supremacy. While the Ku Klux Klan and MAGAs at half-empty Trump rallies (not that these are mutually exclusive groups) are in fact examples of white supremacy, they are not the only examples.”

The article claims that ‘murderous police officers’ is part of the reason why white supremacy ‘is everywhere, pertinent and pervasive, woven into the fabric of our society and reflected in every institution and organization in the US, including schools’ [Daily Mail].

‘The reality is while schools may say they’re invested in diversity and equity, they really only celebrate students who adapt or conform to the cultural norms rooted in white supremacy,’ it states. ‘Naming and identifying the characteristics of white supremacy culture in schools so we shift from accepting these characteristics as norms towards recognizing them as destructive — is the first step to working toward building schools that value all students.’ 

“One of the purposes of listing characteristics of white supremacy culture in schools is to point out how schools consciously or unconsciously use these characteristics as their standards making it difficult, if not impossible, to open the door to other cultural norms and standards,” Montilla claimed, listing “Perfectionism,” “Worship of the Written Word,” “Paternalism,” “Defensiveness,” and “Right to Comfort” as “school practices that act as antidotes to white supremacy culture in schools.”

Montilla also claims that schools only “celebrate students who adapt or confirm” to ideals that are rooted in white supremacy. Following efforts from Garland and the Justice Department to combat what it said is an “increase” in “threats of violence” against school officials and teachers across the country, a Washington Examiner review detailed the ideas promoted by Panorama and some of its “ties to left-wing ideological groups,” which critics questioned. [Fox News]

Republicans have been heavily critical of Garland’s efforts, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calling parents protesting school officials a form of democracy rather than intimidation.




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