Man gets 15 months in prison for falsely claiming he paid someone to spread COVID-19, DOJ says

A Texas man was sentenced to 15 months in prison for posting hoax reports on Facebook falsely claiming he paid someone with COVID-19 to lick items at two San Antonio grocery stores, the US Department of Justice reported.

The 40-year-old man, identified by prosecutors as Christopher Charles Perez, released his false reports back in April 2020. The news was spread on Facebook and eventually reported to the FBI. Perez, also known as Christopher Robin, was convicted on two counts in June 18 which makes it a crime to spread false information and false reports related to biological weapons. In this case, Coronavirus was the “biological weapon” that Perez falsely claimed.

“PSA !! Your HEB MERCADO! My homeboy’s cousin has Covid19 and has licked everything in the last 2 days because we paid him too“, wrote Perez on Facebook in April 2020, according to court records. In the court record, the emoticons Perez used were not specified.

“The big difference is that we told him not to be those damn idiots who record and post online … YOU HAVE BEEN WAITED. HEB on Nogalitos next;) ”Perez continued. “Lol … I tried to warn you all, but my homegirl changed my mind … Mercado is already, the next place in Nogalitos,” wrote Perez on Facebook (Bysaya News).




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