NYC restaurant owners say business is down 40-60 percent due to vaccine mandate

Restaurant owners in New York City are complaining about the new vaccination mandates that have gone into effect in the city, posting a 40-60% decrease in business since the mandate went into effect.

The new mandate requires all citizens over the age of 12 to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering any eatery, fitness center, or business establishment in New York. Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, O’Donoghue’s Pub and Restaurant was a successful business that had been open for 10 years in Manhattan’s iconic Times Square.

Recent reporting from World Nation News suggest that the new mandates have hit the business hard. “O’Donoghue’s owner, Fargal Burke, noted that his business had suffered a “massive decline” since the vaccine order went into effect”, (World Nation News). Burke spoke to the Epoch Times in a recent interview, where he said, “We don’t have the money to survive without the help of our landlords. [who] It’s been very helpful and the rent is giving us a break, but we can’t do business without our landlord.”

The vaccination  mandates have posed a greater threat than many might realize. Burke thinks it is likely he will have to close the business if things don’t change in New York, as he is unable to make enough money from the new requirements.

“With the arrival of winter soon, they now have to create an outdoor dining area to facilitate an outdoor space, which will cost around 10 10 to ,000 15,000,” according to that same report from World Nation News. Many businesses will be fine, as their outdoor dining space outweighs their indoor space as it is. Luke’s Lobster, for example, has been less affected by the vaccine order because of this reason.




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