FBI launches probe after Afghan evacuees accused of attack on female service member

Due to the large influx of Afghan refugees, there has been a series of unforeseen security risks which include multiple instances of violence and rape among the refugees in military bases across of the United States where every individual refugee is going through a security vetting process. Specifically, a female Army service member stationed at Fort Bliss Texas was allegedly assaulted on September 19th by a small group of refugees. 

Officials from within the Army installment at Fort Bliss have referred the case allegations to the FBI, who are currently evaluating the situation. Secretary of  the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas had a news conference on September 3rd with reporters describing the current vetting process for the Afghan refugees.

“First, the federal government has been focused on the screening and vetting of individuals evacuated from Afghanistan. The Department of Homeland Security remains ever vigilant against attempts by foreign adversaries to exploit vulnerable populations as a means of gaining access to the U.S. for nefarious purposes…In addition, we and the Department of Defense have shipped hundreds of biometric screening machines to the transit third countries.  In those transit countries, we conduct our biometric and biographic screening.  This includes checking against multiple agencies’ records.”

Operations Allies Welcome has not only posed a risk to our security forces but also to the refugees themselves. Earlier this month at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin there were multiple cases of crimes. Specifically there were two Afghan individuals who were accused of committing sexual acts with minors, assaulting children, and even a case of rape. Currently the United States has evacuated and housed over 50,000 refugees while waiting for another 12,000 to arrive next month after their transfer from other bases within Europe.




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