Carmines releases new footage of fight amid BLM protests targeting eatery

Black Lives Matter protestors marched into New York City’s famous diner Carmine’s, reportedly attacking the staff and employees of the eatery.

The large group of rowdy demonstrators were seen chanting, “Cancel Carmine’s!” A great many of the protestors were also seen wearing “Black Lives Matter New York” T-shirts, as they descended on the famed Upper West Side restaurant late on Monday night.

“C’mon, black folks, you seen what they did to us,” one of the ringleaders shouted outside of the restaurant where three black Texas tourists were arrested Thursday for assaulting an Asian American hostess who refused to allow three of the group inside without proof they’d had coronavirus vaccines.

Diners watched as the loud group continued shouting as they crowded around the entrance, chanting “Shame” and calling for them to “leave,” videos posted on social media platforms show. BLM protesters also sat in the middle of the road just outside the restaurant after the protest on Monday — and got into a heated exchange with a Guardian Angels member who stood nearby.

According to a report from the New York Post, “Banks insisted there was no proof of any racial slurs being used, noting that no such claims were reported to police — while also stressing that the attacked staff were black, Latina and Asian American.”




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Ethan Finn lives just outside of Sacramento in California. He was involved in Boy Scouts for most of his life and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in January of 2019. A passion for politics prompted him and his friend to start an Instagram page all about politics during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—@conservative.outlet. Ethan finds it fascinating to be a part of the journalistic side of news as opposed to always being just a reader.

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