Police warn parents not to post detailed back-to-school photos of their kids to protect against child predators

Police departments warn against revealing too much information in back to school photos saying parents often post back to school photos of their kids posing with signs stating information like their grade and teacher.

Police departments are warning that this could make kids a target for predators or scammers. “It’s important when you post online to keep that personal information to a minimum,” a police officer told WBAY-TV. Taking photos of children posing with chalkboards or signs stating personal information, like their name, grade, and school, are popular on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but these posts might not come without risks.

Personal information like this could be used by predators to build trust with a child or could be used by scammers to answer security questions, Travis Waas, a Grand Chute Police Department officer told WBAY-TV.

A predator could say: “‘I know you! Your favorite color is blue, and you like doughnuts, and your birthday is April 25. I know your mom!’ And it builds this false sense of security with this person that really should not be around your child,” Waas stated.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois warned parents in a Facebook post that they should limit personal information shared online, no matter what their privacy settings or friends list looks like. “Think before you post,” they said (VnExplorer).



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