Nigerian Pastor says Government ‘fully’ supports killings of Christians

Thirty-six Nigerian Christians have been killed in attacks reportedly carried about by Islamic Fulani herdsmen in the month of August. The recent killings, which build on this year’s previously reported death toll of several thousand, have prompted an outcry from locals who accuse the government of inaction and even of supporting the attacks.

“It rained at the time the herdsmen invaded our village,” Judith David, a resident of Machun village in the state of Kaduna, texted Morning Star News. “We all had already gone to houses to sleep when the herdsmen attacked the village, forcing us to flee into the bush in the rain.”

Attacks are frequently pinned on the Fulani Herdsmen, a group which CBN news reports as frequently being, “radical Muslims who target Christians in their relentless attacks on villages across the West African country.”

Rev. Jacob Kwashi, a pastor from the area, has accused the government of being in favor of the attacks. “We have never seen an evil government in this country like the one of today. The government is fully in support of the bloodshed in Nigeria. We are being killed just because we are not Muslims” he said. Kwashi, speaking at a funeral for 17 slain Christians, continued. “These evil Fulani jihadists are enjoying the backing of the government to go about killing people, destroying their houses and farmlands, yet when we try to defend ourselves, the government will go about arresting our people. What kind of justice is this?”

As the Daily Wire reported in July, the killings of Christians in Nigeria this year have nearly matched the number killed last year. Nigeria is also ranked in the top ten of Christian relief organization Open Door’s list for the worst countries for Christian persecution, coming in at number nine. Nigeria ranked highly in all categories, coming in especially strong for the amount of violence (Daily Wire).


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