Epstein victim to seek Supreme Court review of secret deal

A woman who was allegedly sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein when she was a child, is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court ruling that, if allowed to stand, would end her years-long challenge to federal prosecutors’ secret deal with the now deceased sex offender, which in 2008 allowed Epstein to avoid federal charges that involved more than 30 underage victims.

“The nation’s highest court should review this ‘national disgrace’ and bring some measure of justice by overturning the decision. The importance of this case to crime victims — and to the public — cannot be overstated,” said attorneys for Courtney Wild in a written petition to the Supreme Court this week.

Brad Edwards, one of Wild’s attorneys, stated “Courtney’s rights were intentionally violated by our government, and we are now asking our United States Supreme Court to take this important case and finally bring the justice Courtney has been seeking, which will forever forbid the government from working in secret against victims, no matter how wealthy and powerful the criminal might be.”

Wild’s lawyers are contending that the case presents an opportunity for the Supreme Court to decide whether the government’s “covert practices”, that concealed the Epstein deal from his victims, may have violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act (WCSY).



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