Republicans claim Pelosi blocked the reading of the names of the US service members killed in Kabul

Congressman Carlos Gimenez claimed Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blocked members of Congress from reading the names of the 13 US service members killed in Kabul. ​

“How badly do Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats want to cover up this Afghanistan debacle? They just blocked Members of Congress from reading the names of the service members who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan last week,” he wrote in a Tweet.

Other lawmakers backed Gimenez’s claims, “We gaveled in, had a prayer, said the Pledge of Allegiance, took a moment of silence with pretty much all Republican veterans, then asked to be recognized to read names and bring up Afghanistan legislation. They did not acknowledge us, and just closed the House down,” said Representative Brian Mast, who was wounded in Afghanistan during his time in the military.

FBA reported suicide bombers struck the crowded gates of Kabul airport with at least two explosions on August 26th, causing a bloodbath among civilians and US troops, and bringing a catastrophic halt to the airlift of tens of thousands of Afghans desperate to flee.

Another large explosion was heard in Kabul on September 1st, but which the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed was the US military destroying ammunition.

Two US officials put the US death toll at 13 service members killed, making it one of the deadliest incidents for American troops of the entire 20-year war. There was no complete toll of Afghan civilian deaths.



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