Over 700,000 in Louisiana without power as Hurricane Ida makes landfall

Over 700,000 Louisiana residents are without power as Hurricane Ida makes landfall on August 29, according to state power outage monitors.

The category 4 hurricane threatens to become a category 5 and burdens the state with storm surges, extremely high winds, and dangerous rainfall flooding. After announcing a state of emergency, Governor John Bel Edwards told residents to shelter in place, he said, “It’s weather dependent and quite frankly, before the weather gets good enough for us to respond, it’s also going to be dark, this is one of the strongest storms to make landfall here in modern times.”

He added, “For goodness sake, don’t drive around,” Edwards said. “Right now it just isn’t worth it.” Louisiana has already experienced the impacts of the hurricane, for instance, on Sunday a hospital’s roof was blown off while patients were still inside.

The governor said other hospital patients are currently not being evacuated because the state does not have resources for them elsewhere. In a statement, the Biden administration said the Federal Emergency Management Agency prepared 2.5 million meals and 3 million liters of water for affected states. 



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