Homeland Security insider blows whistle on alleged ‘loopholes’ for child trafficking gangs

Project Veritas released a new video Tuesday with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) insider blowing the whistle on a federal government “loophole” that enables illegal immigrant gang members to get away with sex trafficking of children.

According to the DHS Insider: “Once an illegal immigrant informs the US government that they have some type of fear, or that their life is in jeopardy, or they’ll be persecuted, or they may be tortured, they are put in what’s called the ‘reasonable fear category’. Once a migrant gang member makes the declaration of, ‘My life is in danger and I may be harmed if I return home,’ they’re taken off the Transnational Organized Crime watchlist. That makes it a giant loophole…It is not true that migrant gang members are in danger if they were to be returned to their country of origin.”

He continued, stating, “These are the people that are causing danger in those foreign countries. That’s why they’re on the Transnational Organized Crime watchlist. So, they are allowed to stay in the country while they wait for the asylum claims…They will be able to file for what is called the Employment Authorization Card. This essentially is a work permit, and they’re allowed to stay legally under the protections of this permit” (Post Millennial).

“This to me is a bigger problem than terrorism is right now within the country.” He added, “Every single one of these Transnational Criminal Organizations are involved in sex trafficking” (Forbidden Knowledge TV).


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