Taliban reportedly forcibly capturing girls as young as 12 to make them ‘wives’

Taliban terrorists are now reportedly going door-to-door to forcibly ‘marry’ girls as young as 12 and forcing them into sex slavery.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the Taliban commanders, after capturing some of the provincial capitals, have ordered local Imams to bring the lists of unmarried women aged from 12 to 45  for their soldiers to marry as they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’. The Taliban intends to “divide” these kids among themselves as Jihadists consider them as a ‘prize’.

On the orders of Taliban commanders, the Taliban terrorists are now going to each house to claim their ‘prizes’. The Jihadists are reportedly entering Afghan homes to check through the wardrobes of families to verify the ages of girls before forcibly dragging them to be their sex slaves, according to OpIndia.

After the US drove the Taliban out in 2001, Afghan women and girls were able to enjoy some freedoms. They went to school, got jobs, were not forced to wear a burqa, and their images appeared on shop windows and on billboards. Now, just days after the Taliban reentered Kabul, business owners are tearing down and covering up women’s faces on their storefronts and painting over them.

Women and girls have scrambled to find a burqa, but with all stores and malls closed down amid the political chaos, they have been hard to get. Reports suggest that women and girls no longer feel safe to leave the house without a male accompanying them.

The Taliban pledged publicly last week to maintain the rights of Afghan women and girls, but the stories from the ground paint a very different reality. There are reports of women and girls being sold as sex slaves and transported out of the country, as well as allegations that the Taliban is forcing women to give them food and cook for them, punishing the women if the food is not to their liking.

In many rural areas women are no longer legally allowed to attend a health appointment without a male present, according to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.



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