Rand Paul reports wife’s investment in COVID-19 treatment after private Senate briefing

A year after the purchase was made, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul reported his wife’s investment in a COVID-19 treatment following a private Senate briefing prior to the pandemic.

Paul’s mandatory disclosure was submitted earlier this week and claims Kelley Paul, his wife, purchased somewhere between $1,000 to $15,000 Gilead stock on Feb. 26, 2020. The pharmaceutical company produces redeliver, an antiviral drug. The couple maintains innocence and claims Kelley Paul spent her own money on the stocks and ended up losing money.

Paul’s spokesperson, Kelsey Cooper, said, ​​“Last year Dr. Paul completed the reporting form for an investment made by his wife using her own earnings, an investment which she has lost money on.” She continued, “In the process of preparing to file his annual financial disclosure for last year, he learned that the form was not transmitted and promptly alerted the filing office and requested their guidance. In accordance with that guidance he filed both reports yesterday.”

Investments of this nature could be prohibited under the 2012 Stock Act, which criminalizes insider trading. Similar incidents were recently brought to light with political figures such as Nancy Pelosi and Susan Rice



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