Viral confrontation shows shop owner telling trans council member ‘You’re not a woman’

In Washington, the owner of a Star Wars shop was confronted by a transgender City Councilmember in Washington over a sign that says, “If you are born with a dick, you are not a chick.”

The store, Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop, is owned by Don Sucher who is a Vietnam Veteran. Tiesa Meskis walked into the memorabilia store recording everything and telling this Vietnam Vet how she believes he’s in the wrong. This confrontation was recorded. Sucher said, “Everybody loves it. They take pictures of it. They post it. 9/10 customers love it.”

Meskis responds saying, “You know what, that’s bullshit”. “No, what you’re spouting is bullshit,” Sucher responds to the transgender council member. Meskis responds, “No it’s not. Trans women are women, sir, that sign is bullshit.”

Meskis continues on telling Sucher how he is “f**ked up in the head.” Video of the incident has since gone viral, with many liberals taking the side of the council member and many conservatives supporting the shop owner.



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Dani is a 20 year old business owner and college student from Phoenix, Arizona. She is graduating in 2021 with a bachelors in marketing, to which she will use to further her established marketing business. Dani writes for FBA because she has grown weary of the distrust of news sources. In being a part of a growing news source, Dani will help carve out a trusting path for the future.

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