Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance debate Critical Race Theory on HBO with Bill Maher

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire and Malcolm Nance, a MSNBC contributor, debated critical race theory with Bill Maher amidst pending Republican legislation to ban critical race theory in schools across the country. 

During the Real Time segment, Shapiro was asked to define critical race theory, and he admitted that while attending law school, he read “a lot” of books about critical race theory by authors such as the late American lawyer and civil rights activist Derrick Bell. Nance stated that “I agree with everything you had to say because it is grounded in truth.” Shapiro stated that the basis of critical race theory shows that the systems set in place, in America, were for “white people” and for their benefit – where Nance agrees to the principles of critical race theory as fact.

Bill admitted that he does not want critical race theory to be a curriculum that produces white guilt, and that it is wrong to focus on race, when that is the main issue in the first place. Nance stated “I agree with you, and I don’t think that’s critical race theory,” heating tensions with Shapiro, in which he stated, “that is a cheap semantic trick and you know it” (on the hijacking of the term “critical race theory” just as “defund the police” has been hijacked).

While discussing Shapiro’s latest book, The Authoritarian Moment, Nance joked that some readers would buy it because they assumed it was about “real authoritarianism” and later criticized Shapiro’s show, “Is this what you do on your show? Cause it sucks.”

After the show, Nance took to twitter to criticize Shapiro for his “bot tweets”, tweeting “I’ve seen a hundred of these “I don’t like Shapiro but …” bot tweets Tonight. I have ZERO fake accounts hating on me but then praising my “performance”.



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