210,000 illegal immigrants apprehended at southern border in July, a 21-year high

210,000 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the US-Mexico border in July 2021. This number is not just a steep increase from the previous month but also the highest monthly crossing number in over 20 years.

These figures come directly from David Shahoulian, Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy in the Department for Homeland Security (Center for Immigration Studies). These figures become even more stark when children are taken into account: unaccompanied minors also hit an all-time high in July as over 19,000 under-18s were processed by US immigration officials.

A further 80,000 family groups were also processed by the CPB, showing a huge increase from the 56,000 in June (Yahoo! News). These figures, when broken down, demonstrate roughly 6,800 illegal immigrants per day attempting to cross the border into the US. So far, the majority of these persons trying to enter America have been arrested and expelled (ABC News).

Borders crossings generally decline in the summer months because of the hot weather, but not in 2021. 2021 had already set some records for illegal immigrant numbers, but the figures for July have set officials reeling. There have not been this many illegal immigrants attempting to cross the US-Mexico border for 20 years prior to this month. However, some officials have noted that these numbers may be skewed because of coronavirus policy allowing people seeking asylum to be expelled (New York Post).

The current administration has come under increased pressure in recent months after Joe Biden ran a presidential campaign based on undoing many immigration policies introduced by President Donald Trump. Despite promising to solve the problems surrounding illegal immigration, a newly released video has shown nearly one thousand immigrants being held at the border under a bridge in Texas (New York Post).

The immigration questioned has been further confused by coronavirus in the last year as many illegal aliens leaving Border Patrol custody have tested positive for the virus. According to a recent press conference by Joe Biden, over 18% of migrant families in the last two weeks have been diagnosed with COVID-19. According to the CBP, all illegal immigrants are tested for the virus prior to leaving Border Patrol custody (NBC).

GOP Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has called Joe Biden’s response to the border crisis an “absolute catastrophe” (New York Post). Kamala Harris, who visited Del Rio in Texas in June, has yet to visit the southern border to address this issue after being tasked to deal with the growing problems at the border (Fox News).



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