Iranian athlete faces backlash after he was allegedly revealed to be a member of a terrorist organization

During the 2021 Olympics, the gold medalist for the 10 meter air pistol event, Javad Foroughi, was called a terrorist by a former gold medalist of the same event. The previous gold medalist was Jin John-oh, who had won in 2012 in London but also competed in Tokyo. 

Foroughi is a member of the IRGC, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which had been classified as a terrorist organization by the US in 2019. “How can a terrorist win first place? That’s the most absurd and ridiculous thing,” Jong-oh stated to reporters when arriving home from Tokyo.

The campaign group United for Navid made a statement about this matter. United for Navid has on their website that they are a “campaign to ban Islamic Republic from international sports after the execution of wrestling champion Navid Afkari” ( 

Their statement said, “We consider the awarding of an Olympic gold medal to Iran marksman Javad Foroughi not only a catastrophe for Iranian sports but also for the international community, and especially the reputation of the IOC. The 41-year old Foroughi is a current and longtime member of a terrorist organization. The IRGC has a history of violence and killing not only of Iranian people and protesters there, but also innocent people in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It is a designated foreign terrorist organization by the United States. We call for an immediate investigation by the IOC, and until an investigation is completed the suspension of any medal award” (Insider).



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