Infrastructure bill reportedly includes $7.2 million to build one block of road in Pelosi’s district

House Democrats voted to pass a new stimulus bill “Invest in America Act” on July 1st, which provides spending billions in domains like roads, highways, bridges, public transit and rail, broadband connection upgrades, and airport and waterway updates.

Currently the bill has been motioned to bring about it’s introduction into the Senate chambers where Democratic Senators hope to pass the massive bill by early September. One project proposal for road infrastructure improvements appears to be in Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s  Congressional District; this road development project provides the San Francisco corridor $7,200,000.

Currently there is a lack of drive access for certain industrial businesses at Oakdale Ave and Jerrold Avenue, which has presented local homeowners with safety risks and increased noise due to industrial traffic. Under Section 107 “Member Designated Project Authorizations” of the bill, it gives members the right to introduce specified projects for fund authorization.

Opponents of the Majority Leader have criticized this move as a matter of convenience and not of necessity especially because this specialized member request for money is a “earmark” which directs funds to a specified recipient while not following the normal allocation process which can be based on merits.

Many of the project proposals within the bill have not gone without critique considering items that seem to have little or no relation to the U.S. infrastructure. The bill will see considerable amendments and doubts during the Senate debate of the bill.



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