CDC reverses decision, will now recommend vaccinated people wear masks indoors

The CDC made yet another switch on guidelines, now recommending that fully vaccinated people resume wearing masks indoors in areas where COVID-19 cases have seen an increase.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended on Tuesday that fully vaccinated people once again should be wearing masks indoors in places with high transmission rates of the novel COVID-19 virus. The agency is also recommending kids wear masks in schools this fall. It is still the belief of most federal health officials that transmission amongst fully vaccinated people is low, yet some who are fully vaxxed could still be carrying higher levels of the virus and pass it on to others.

CDC Director Rachelle Wallensky said in an interview, “This pandemic continues to pose a serious threat to the health of all Americans. Today, we have new science related to the delta variant that requires us to update the guidance regarding what you can do when you are fully vaccinated.” 

The updated guidance comes just before the fall season, when the supposedly highly contagious delta variant is expected to cause another surge in new cases. In mid-May, the CDC said fully vaccinated people didn’t need to wear masks in most settings, whether indoors or outdoors. That, of course, has changed again.



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Ethan Finn lives just outside of Sacramento in California. He was involved in Boy Scouts for most of his life and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in January of 2019. A passion for politics prompted him and his friend to start an Instagram page all about politics during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—@conservative.outlet. Ethan finds it fascinating to be a part of the journalistic side of news as opposed to always being just a reader.

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