Al Sharpton and Ben Crump take up case of white teen killed by police

On June 23rd, deputy Sgt. Michael Davis fatally shot a white teenager during a traffic stop in Lonoke county, Arkansas.

The shooting in Lonoke has drawn attention to attorneys such as AL Sharpton and other civil rights activists. On July 7th, AL Sharpton and Ben Crump attended the memorial after being invited to Beebe Highschool in Beebe Arkansas for Hunter Brittain, the teen who was fatally shot in June. “I am going to Beebe to get publicity,” the reverend said at the service. “I want the whole world to know the name of Hunter Brittain, and if my coming can help bring some publicity, then that’s what I’m supposed to do. I don’t apologize for that,” he said, NPR reported.

“It’s being looked at differently because he wasn’t a teenager who was a kid of color,” Crump said. Towards the end of the funeral many people, including civil rights activist Ben Crump and AL Sharpton came to the conclusion that “it’s not about white or black people, it’s about what’s right and wrong.” On the other hand, the Lonoke Co. sheriff also had something to say regarding the tragic death of Brittain.

“As Sheriff, I’m committed to transparency,” he said. “That’s why I will support the public release of body camera footage when the law and the State Police investigation allow it.” After the investigation information was released to the prosecutors they found that Michael’s body cam wasn’t turned on during the actual shooting, it was found that only later did Michael actually turn his body cam on, which is a violation of Lonoke county Arkansas police department policy.



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