Bodycam footage shows officer fatally shot at point-blank range while responding to call

Stockton, California police released bodycam footage this week that shows Officer Jimmy Inn fatally shot at point-blank range when he responded to a domestic call on May 11.

Inn, a 30 year old father of one and step-father to two, knocked on the door of a residence that had been reported to local authorities by a neighbor due to “strange” behavior the past few days by one of its occupants. In a recording of the call, the caller can be heard telling a 911 dispatcher, “Um, I think, I think, I think the man is going crazy over there. He’s been acting really strange the last couple of days.”

The caller also reported a woman screaming and wearing bloody, ripped clothing in the apartment. According to the 911 report, witnesses also said they believed the woman had been assaulted. When Inn knocked on the door and announced himself as law enforcement, the footage shows the suspect opening the door after yelling, “Hey, police!” and opened fire on Officer Inn. Inn immediately dropped to the ground.

As the shooting occurred, Officer Pancho Freer arrived on scene and the gunman, later identified as Lance Lowe, engaged in a gunfire exchange with Freer before Lowe reentered the residence. The video then shows Lowe exiting the house, this time holding his 8-year old son as a shield, with a gun in one hand and strangling the boy with the other arm. Freer can be heard on the video urging Lowe to let the boy go, as the child struggles to break free.

An unidentified bystander then tackled Lowe, freeing the child. Officer Freer then shot at the suspect, who fell to the ground after being hit and was later transferred to a local hospital and died from his gunshot wounds. Officer Inn was also transported to a hospital where he was treated but also later died.

Lowe had previously been incarcerated for 2017 charges relating to grand theft auto with a firearm, conspiring to commit a crime, child endangerment, possession of an assault weapon, and carrying a loaded firearm in a car or public place in Los Angeles. Records show Lowe was out on parole at the time he shot Officer Inn. 



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