Previously deported MS-13 rapist caught crossing border with migrant families in Texas

A previously deported Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) criminal was caught crossing the Texas border.

Last week, a Salvadoran man was traveling with a group of over 50 illegal immigrants entering the states. McAllen Border Patrol agents identified him as a previously convicted rapist and member of MS-13. The man was arrested by the Southampton Police Department in New York and later deported. MS-13 operates internationally and emerged in Los Angeles during the 1970s. The gang has a large presence in Latin countries including El Salvador and Guatemala.

Recent unprecedented surges in illegal immigrants at the southern border have led authorities to arrest numerous members. FBA previously reported, “The recent sharp increase in hopeful immigrants arriving at the southern border is believed to be in tune with the arrival of the Biden administration. The administration has already started rolling back numerous border policies set in place by former President Trump.”

The US Border Patrol reports “criminal noncitizen” arrests and defines the term as “individuals who have been convicted of one or more crimes, whether in the United States or abroad, prior to interdiction by the U.S. Border Patrol.” Nearly 7,000 criminal noncitizens have been caught at the border since the beginning of the 2021 fiscal year. 




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