Brother of Austin mass victim Doug Kantor blames “Defund the Police” movement

Nick Kantor, brother of the late Doug Kantor who died in an Austin, TX shooting, took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the causes surrounding his brother’s death.

Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon says that the shooting happened around 1:30 AM on Saturday on a street packed with bars and barricaded off from vehicle traffic. He believes the shooting was the result of a dispute between two parties. Austin police report that Kantor, 25, was hospitalized in critical condition with gunshot wounds and died the following Sunday (The Detroit News).

Doug’s brother revealed the details of Nick’s death with local NBC affiliate KXAN-TV. “He was shot through the abdomen just below the rib cage, straight through. He suffered from the time of the injury until the time of death. It was the most gruesome thing I could think to wish on someone. It’s painful to discuss, but I think the public deserves to know what my brother suffered” (Newsweek). Nick also shared his thoughts on Facebook and criticized the Biden administration and the movement to defund the police in major American cities.

“The lack of resources is due to funding cut by the defund the police movement put in place by the current administration. I would like this to be known because that same political party/administration will more than likely try to spin this into a gun control issue instead of what it really was which was a lack of resources for the police to do their job and save my brothers life” (Facebook).

Nick also thanked the Austin police officers who did respond to the scene and got Doug to a hospital in a timely manner. He wrote, “I commend them for their quick thinking and efforts there was nothing more they could’ve done with the resources that they had available to them.”


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