Emails reportedly reveal Trump urged top DOJ officials to investigate election results

According to a cache of newly released emails by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, Former President Donald J. Trump and his allies “pressured” the United States Department of Justice to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The documents show that on December 14, the day that the Electoral College met to certify election results in all fifty states, then-Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen was sent “materials and talking points about debunked election fraud claims in Michigan” by Trump’s assistants. Forty minutes after the email was sent, Trump announced that Attorney General William Barr (who disputed claims of voter fraud) would step down and be replaced by Rosen (US News).

Shortly after senior DOJ official Richard Donoghue sent the same documents to the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, he was promoted to Acting Deputy Attorney General. Later on December 29, Trump sent his team a 54-page legal brief demanding that the Supreme Court “‘declare that the Electoral College votes cast’ in six states Trump lost ‘cannot be counted,’ and that a ‘special election’ must be held in each one,” according to Axios.

In response, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee support transcribed interviews from Trump’s legal team about “this attempted subversion of democracy” and continue to investigate the actions they believe led to “the violent January 6 insurrection” (Axios).



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