Sex trafficking victim accused of killing alleged abuser wins appeal in Wisconsin

A woman from Milwaukee won the appeal on June 2th after killing a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her and other underage girls back in 2019.

Chrystul Kizer a child sex-trafficking victim and her team won the appealing after being accused of killing Randall Volar III back in 2019 according to the prosecutors of the case, a case strongly similar of Cyntoia Brown. Kizer was also accused of setting his house on fire. Kizer was 17, Volar 34 when the events occurred. Kizer was charged with five felonies and claims from day one she acted on self-defense. Her supporters help her raise $400,000 so far from the $1,000,000 bail. Among her supporters are community groups, activists and celebrities. Kizer is awaiting trial following her release from the Kenosha County Jail.

Her defense team is using the “affirmative defense” which could potentially help her to reduce her time in prison, instead of a mandatory life sentence. The court´s decision has been pending over a year, according to the Washington Post, due to the revaluating the unique abuse trafficking victims experience should be taken into consideration in the legal system. On the other half, prosecutors argue that when Kizer was 17, she planned the 2018 murder of 34-year-old Randall Phillip Volar III in order to steal his BMW. If that jury agrees that her charges were a “direct result” of her victimization, she would be found not guilty.


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