Organization chaired by BLM co-founder allegedly spent $26K on ‘meetings’ at Malibu resort in 2019

A Los Angeles-based jail reform organization chaired by Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent $26,000 on “meetings” at a luxury resort in Malibu, California, in 2019, records show.

Based on information obtained by the New York Post from the organization’s consulting firm, the report claims that during a period between July and September, payments were made on behalf of Jail Reform Initiative by the consulting firm. The organization spent two different amounts for two different stays, $10,179 for meetings and appearances at Calamigos Ranch and Beach Club. Then a second payment of $15,593 for the Maulubi Conference Center, which is owned by the former resort mentioned. The resort is 200-acres and has a five acre private beach for its guests to enjoy. It was unclear why Reform Jails spent money to stay at this site.

Though The California Fair Political Practice Commission, which regulates such political organizations claims funds “must be used for political, legislative, or governmental purposes.” The National League and Policy Center has called for an audit of the money, this would make it completely clear how the money has been used, this would clear any miscommunication on what exactly happened with Jail Reforms cash. As of now, no comments have been made by the organization.

This report comes after it was revealed that Cullors is moving another nonprofit, Dignity and Power Now, to operate in other states as it avoids filing required financial documents in California, according to state records. Dignity and Power Now is currently delinquent in California, where it is incorporated. Black Lives Matter also recently defended Cullors’ recent multimillion-dollar property purchases in a statement posted to its website, suggesting any scrutiny of the high-profile activist stemmed from racism.




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