NASCAR employs K9 squads for sniffing out COVID-19 patients

NASCAR is planning on using a K9 unit to sniff out COVID-19. They plan to give the dogs a test run Sunday, March 21.

The newest strategy– and one of the most innovative ones– in tackling the coronavirus pandemic is to come into practice through NASCAR. NASCAR has recently come out with a statement, saying that they plan to “introduce a new facet to the COVID-19 screening process this weekend, using trained dogs to detect coronavirus among essential personnel for Sunday’s Cup Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.” 

This new idea has the same concept of using the K9 unit at airports to find bombs, drugs, and other dangerous items. The statement later goes on to say that they have been working on this idea with 360 K9 groups at two locations, Anniston, Alabama, and New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They explain that the dogs will be able to sniff an attendee and within 30 seconds assess if the Covid-19 Virus is present in their body. If they detect Covid-19 in the person’s system they will alert their handles of this. If the person is detected to have Covid-19 in their system, they will be isolated from the crowd and transferred to a comprehensive secondary screening by the American Medical Response (AMR) Safety Team. This team is led by many physicians and they will determine if the individual can proceed to the game. These plans are to take place this Sunday on the “Sunday’s Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500”.

NASCAR has been working on this idea since March of 2020, claiming that they have been strategizing to find a way to quickly screen people for the season. When discussing whether this was a feasible strategy to test for the Covid-19 virus, they have credited officials in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Medical Response (AMR) Safety Team to form guidelines on what to do with large scale testing. NASCAR claimed that this will be a great guardrail for testing saying “As much as things are getting better, it’s still very much a challenge, So this tool is going to help us as the virus evolves, we’re evolving with our approach to how we minimize exposure and create the safest possible environment to race.” The K9 unit seems to be able to detect Covid-19 virus in humans at 98%, they are worried about other stands forming, so these dogs will be the baseline on detecting humans with Covid-19, so that maybe later a better method comes out.

This new statement by NASCAR is influential to the world at this moment for that fact that scientists may have a new way to test people in under a minute. Given, most Covid-19 tests take about a day to get test results back, NASCAR’s strategy could prove to revolutionize Covid screenings. If this is to work, Americans could potentially return life back to normal, knowing that nearly everyone is clean from the Covid-19 Virus.




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