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FBA News could not be where it is today without its amazing team of editors, writers, and marketers.

After founding the company in 2019, FBA News has accumulated a massive international team dedicated to depolarizing American politics by taking the bias and partisanship out of the media.


Brent J. Smith, Founder/Editor-in-Chief<br><sub>Kansas City, Kansas, United States</sub>
Brent J. Smith, Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Kansas City, Kansas, United States

I started Fact Based America because I was dissatisfied
with the biased and polarizing news of the mainstream
media. Through the growth of FBA, I hope that we can
promote the use of civil discourse in political speech
and depolarize American politics one unbiased news
article at a time.


Carson Choate, Politics Editor<br><sub>San Antonio, Texas, United States</sub>
Carson Choate, Politics Editor
San Antonio, Texas, United States

I’m a proud Texan with an interest in writing about American politics and history. I run an Instagram page where I post infographics in an attempt to help inform others on those issues. It was through there that I came to join FBA. I believe that the news shouldn’t twist the facts in order to fit their biases.

Caleb Kmiecik, US News Editor<br><sub>Kansas City, Kansas, United States</sub>
Caleb Kmiecik, US News Editor
Kansas City, Kansas, United States

I am a strong Catholic who enjoys making music, keeping up with the news, and reading. I’m a senior at desoto highschool and plan on studying computer science next year at Kansas State University. I like to write for the most factually factbased news site because I believes truth unbounds the reader from the shackles and tangles of the bombardment of lies that spews from the contorted utter of the MSM.

Daniel England, World News Editor
Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Kyle Smith, Science and Health Editor<br><sub>Kansas City, Kansas, United States</sub>
Kyle Smith, Science and Health Editor
Kansas City, Kansas, United States

I am a Senior from Kansas City, Kansas with a passion for science and helping others! I am a very involved student who truly enjoys challenging myself in the classroom! I joined FBA because I am dedicated to educating others on the current happenings in the science and health fields!

Connor Kmiecik, Entertainment Editor<br><sub>Lincoln, Nebraska, United States</sub>
Connor Kmiecik, Entertainment Editor
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

I’m a junior Broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I am taking classes, working a part-time job, and I am involved at a local church. I enjoy working for FBA because it helps build my writing and editing skills, it keeps me up to date on current events, and I like interacting with the FBA audience.


Yulianie Hernandez, Politics Writer

Anaheim, California, united states

Evan Stogsdill, Politics Writer

North Carolina, United States

Matthew Giraldo, Politics Writer

Florida, united States

Free Speech State, Politics Writer


Conner McCall, Politics Writer

Kansas city, kansas, united states

Kale Curran, Politics Writer


Reese Brown, Politics Writer

United states

Conner Ward, Politics Writer

United states

Peter Schleicher, Politics Writer

United states

Laine Brock, Politics Writer

United states

Wyguy, Politics Writer

United states

Giulliano Prieto, Politics Writer

United states

Treverton Tilton, Politics Writer

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS, United states

Newtrals News, US News Writer

Abi Yarbrough, US News Writer

Kansas city, kansas, united states

Luke LeBar, World News Writer

Kansas City, kansas, united states

Joseph Modica, Science and Health Writer

HUNTINgton beach, california, united states

Lidhya Shilu, Science and Health Writer

Kerala, india

Patel Chaitanya, Science and Health Writer

Surat, gujarat, india

Ejaz Shaikh, Science and Health Writer

Mumbai, India

Lewis, Science and Health Writer

Ze, Science and Health Writer

Jackson Miller, Entertainment Writer

Kansas city, kansas, united states