Our Team

FBA News could not be where it is today without its AMAZING team of editors, managers, and writers—all of which DEDICATE their work to the cause of unbiased news.


Brent J. Smith, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Kansas City, Kansas, United States

Brent started Fact Based America LLC because he was dissatisfied with the biased and polarizing news of the mainstream media. Through the growth of FBA, Brent hopes that it can help promote the use of civil discourse in political speech and depolarize American politics one unbiased news article at a time.

Brent attended De Soto High School in De Soto, Kansas and is currently a student at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is studying Government with a focus in public policy.

Executive Team

Carson Choate, Managing Editor

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Carson is a proud Texan with an interest in writing about American politics and history. He runs an Instagram page where he posts infographics in an attempt to help inform others on those issues. Carson believes that the news shouldn’t twist the facts in order to fit their biases.

Luke Mocherman, Executive Editor

Orlando, Florida, United States

Luke Mocherman is a political science student at the University of Central Florida. He loves FBA’s mission of unbiased news and hopes to use his skill set to help change the partisan culture surrounding American news media and politics.

Ashlin Choate, Social Media Manager

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Antoinette Aho, Politics Editor

Sacramento, California, United States

Antoinette Aho is a Campus Reform intern at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia. As a student journalist, Antoinette covers politics for Fact Based America and reports on bias in higher education for Campus Reform. Her recent freelance publications include an op-ed for Left Middle Right.

Paul Murdoch, Politics Editor

Bangkok, Thailand

Paul, 37, is from Scotland in the UK, but currently lives and works in Bangkok. Paul has worked in different industries such as telemarketing, retail, hospitality, farming, insurance, and teaching, where he works now. He teaches at an all-girls High School in Bangkok. “It’s a lot of work, but I love my job.”

Paul has an active interest in politics.  His reason for writing for FBA is to offer people the facts and allow them to make up their own minds.  Whilst he believes opinion columns have their place, it is also important that people can have accurate news with no bias.

Kyle Smith, Science and Health Editor

Kansas City, Kansas, United States

I am a Senior from Kansas City, Kansas with a passion for science and helping others! I am a very involved student who truly enjoys challenging myself in the classroom! I joined FBA because I am dedicated to educating others on the current happenings in the science and health fields!

Connor Kmiecik, Entertainment Editor

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

I’m a Senior Broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I am taking classes, working a part-time job, and I am involved at a local church. I enjoy working for FBA because it helps build my writing and editing skills, it keeps me up to date on current events, and I like interacting with the FBA audience.


Patel Chaitanya, Science and Health Writer

Surat, gujarat, india