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Wisconsin farmers sue Biden admin for allegedly only providing COVID-19 relief to non-white farmers

Adam Faust, a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, is now joining five other farmers in suing the Federal Government for what they allege violated their constitutional rights. Adam Faust, who is white, is the owner of Faust Farms which brings in large finances and benefits for his community. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic and volatile markets,[Read More…]

Kansas passes election bill which prohibits Governor from making emergency changes to election laws

House Bill 2183 is one of two election bills to be enacted in Kansas after lawmakers overrode Governor Laura Kelly’s veto. The bills, HB 2183 and 2332 are in line with a recent trend of election bills following the 2020 Presidential Election. In support of the bill, State Representative Blaine Finch said, “We want to[Read More…]

Twitter releases feature that detects “offensive” replies on its service before a user presses send

On Wednesday, Twitter released a new feature that aims to detect offensive tweets before posted by a user. The new feature causes an automatic prompt to pop up that says, “Want to review this before Tweeting?” The user is then presented with three choices: tweet, edit, or delete (NPR). According to Twitter, “We began testing[Read More…]

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