Patients taking part in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccine trials have experienced intense side effects

PHOTO CREDITS: IMMUNIZAIONINFO.COM Three patients taking part in clinical trials for Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccine have experienced intense side effects, according to a report published by CNBC. Those side effects include high fever, pounding headaches, intense chills, and exhaustion. According to the reports of CNBC, one of the participants in[Read More…]

Nasa, SpaceX to launch First operational Crew Rotation Mission to International Space Station

PHOTO CREDITS: NASA According to NASA, four astronauts are set to launch to the space station on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft.  NASA’s first commercial crew rotation mission, called SpaceX Crew-1, is going to mark its first launch mission including an international partner, SpaceX. NASA and SpaceX are to commence a[Read More…]

Scientist trio honored with Nobel Prize in medicine for discovery of hepatitis C virus

PHOTO CREDITS: DEUTSCHE WELLE  Three virologists have been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for their key contribution to prevent blood-borne hepatitis, which poses a “global health problem,” according to the Nobel Committee.  This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to American-British based scientists, Dr. Harvey[Read More…]