New photodetector technology to help advance early detection of health issues like cancer

IMAGE CREDITS: DNA INDIA According to SciTechDaily, researchers at the RMIT University in Australia have developed the world’s first photodetector that can see all shades of light. This breakthrough is expected to help with biomedical imaging, advancing early detection of health issues like cancer. Photodetectors – used in gaming consoles,[Read More…]

Patients taking part in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccine trials have experienced intense side effects

PHOTO CREDITS: IMMUNIZAIONINFO.COM Three patients taking part in clinical trials for Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccine have experienced intense side effects, according to a report published by CNBC. Those side effects include high fever, pounding headaches, intense chills, and exhaustion. According to the reports of CNBC, one of the participants in[Read More…]

Nasa, SpaceX to launch First operational Crew Rotation Mission to International Space Station

PHOTO CREDITS: NASA According to NASA, four astronauts are set to launch to the space station on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft.  NASA’s first commercial crew rotation mission, called SpaceX Crew-1, is going to mark its first launch mission including an international partner, SpaceX. NASA and SpaceX are to commence a[Read More…]