Study: Suicide rate for veterans may be double federal estimates

A recent joint study conducted by America’s Warrior Partnership along with Duke University and Alabama University has suggested that the suicide rate among veterans is possible double the figure reported by federal officials.  The study said that the excess deaths are likely due to drug overdose deaths and service record errors. The Department of Veterans Affairs issued[Read More…]

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has agreed to interview with Jan. 6 committee

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, who is a conservative activist, has agreed to an interview with the January 6th panel. There is some controversy surrounding the case since Thomas is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Virginia Thomas’ attorney, Mark Paoletta, said Thomas is “eager to answer the committee’s questions to clear up any misconceptions[Read More…]

Sen. Tim Scott proposes bill to defund schools that hide children’s gender transitions from parents

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has proposed a bill which would withhold or withdraw federal funding from both public elementary and secondary schools that choose not to inform parents about any gender transitions carried out by their children. The bill introduced by Scott on Tuesday has been dubbed the Parents’ Rights to Care and Educate Their[Read More…]

Southern Baptists votes to cut ties with church for being LGBTQ-friendly 

On Tuesday, the Southern Baptist Conventions’ senior administrative body voted to sever ties with two churches. One was an LGBTQ-friendly church in North Carolina the other was a New Jersey congregation it cited for “alleged discriminatory behavior.” According to the Associated Press reports, the church remains under investigation by the Department of Justice. The federal government[Read More…]

Man arrested after being caught vandalizing Washington Monument

A man was arrested by authorities after vandalizing the Washington Monument with expletives. Police confirmed that the man used red paint to wrote the following words “Have you been f—– by this. Gov says tough s—.” According to police, the man, identified as 44-year-old Shaun Ray Deaton, was “covered in red paint which was the[Read More…]

North Dakota man runs over and kills teen, called him a ‘Republican extremist’ who was ‘coming to get him’

Shannon Brandt, 41, has admitted to deliberately murdering 18-year-old Caylor Ellingson in McHenry, North Dakota. According to court documents, Brandt pursued Ellingson with his car and proceeded to run him over. Caylor called his mom during the chase asking her to come and collect him because he was being chased up and down streets and was scared.[Read More…]

Analysis: With midterms approachng, Democrats are spending the most on appealing to pro-abortion voters 

An Associated Press analysis, which was provided by AdImpact, has shown that Democrats are sinking a significant amount of their ad revenue into abortion ahead of November’s midterm elections. The analysis shows that Democrats have already spent over $124 million this year in television advertising which relates to abortion. As AP reported, this is over 20[Read More…]

National Transportation Safety Board recommends alcohol tests for all new vehicles to prevent drunk driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a recommendation that all new vehicles in the United States be equipped with blood alcohol monitoring systems in order to prevent a drunk person from getting behind the wheel. The NTSB has said that this recommendation has a strong likelihood of reducing the number of alcohol-related crashes,[Read More…]


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