George Bush makes notable gaffe, discusses the ‘unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq’ instead of Ukraine

Former president George W. Bush has been the talk of Twitter this week after making a most notable gaffe. During a speech on Wednesday, Bush discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “In contrast, Russian elections are rigged,” he said. “Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process.” He continued, “The[Read More…]

Elon Musk says he ‘never voted Republican’ but will this election

On two separate occasions this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he will vote for Republican candidates in this November’s midterm elections, bashing Democrats as “the party of division and hate.” Speaking on a podcast recording at the All In Summit in Miami on Monday, Musk said, “I would classify myself as a moderate, neither[Read More…]

New poll shows inflation tops list of concerns for Americans, beating other issues by significant margin

A new Pew Research poll showed people in the United States view inflation as the biggest concern above all other issues, with other policy issues not even coming close. The results of the poll, published last Thursday, showed 70 percent of respondents believed inflation was the top problem facing the United States right now, with[Read More…]

Speaker Pelosi floats indictments for baby formula deaths as Democrats unveil emergency funding

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suggested on Tuesday that there could be indictments for the people found to be responsible for the deaths of two infants who consumed baby formula that may have been contaminated. Speaking at a press conference to unveil Democrats’ $28 million aid bill to help put formula back on store shelves, Pelosi[Read More…]

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman on Tuesday was projected to win the state’s Democratic Senate primary, overcoming a high-profile challenge from Rep. Conor Lamb in the race to fill retiring Sen. Pat Toomey’s (R) open seat. The Associated Press called the race at 8:54 p.m. ET. Fetterman, who also bested state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, held[Read More…]

Trump-endorsed Ted Budd wins North Carolina GOP Senate Primary

Trump-endorsed Rep. Ted Budd will be the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s open Senate seat, the Associated Press projected Tuesday night. The AP called the race for Budd at 7:47 p.m. Eastern time, less than 20 minutes after polls closed. Budd had 56.5% of the vote with 25% of precincts reporting as of 7:55 p.m.,[Read More…]

Footage shows ‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller accusing police officer of bigotry for improper pronoun use

Footage from one of Ezra Miller’s recent arrests have surfaced in which the “Flash” star, 29, responded to one officer who called Miller “sir” by explaining to police, “I’m sorry, I’m not a sir. I’m transgender non-binary. Please don’t call me a sir.”o The body-cam footage of the arrest, which took place in Hawaii, was[Read More…]

BREAKING: Judge strikes down California law mandating women on corporate boards

A state judge has struck down a landmark California law requiring women be included on corporate boards deeming it to be unconstitutional. Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis stated in a ruling on Friday that the 2018 law violated the equal protection clause of the state’s constitution. The law required publicly traded companies headquartered in California[Read More…]

President Biden set to redeploy American troops to Somalia, reversing Trump withdrawal

President Biden intends to redeploy troops to Somalia to counter al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab, which is a reversal former President Trump’s decision to withdraw forces from the country near the end of his term. At the time, Trump said it was part of his efforts to end “forever wars,” and his administration stressed that the move did[Read More…]

Starbucks joins Tesla, Microsoft, and others in paying employee travel costs for abortions

Starbucks said it will reimburse employees for travel expenses incurred when seeking abortions or gender-affirming surgeries out of state. They join S&P 500 companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Salesforce, that are offering the benefit to workers who cannot gain immediate access to the procedures. A Starbucks spokesperson told The Post that employees[Read More…]


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