Author: Jacob Zuby

Canada’s new 9th grade curriculum claims that math has historically been used to ‘normalize racism’

Ontario, Canada’s new grade 9 curriculum claims to address the historical use of math to “normalize racism” and “marginalization of non-Eurocentric knowledge.” The changes to the math curriculum announced last year by Education Minister Stephen Lecce will include a ‘subjective’ and ‘decolonial’ approach to mathematics, according to documents posted on[Read More…]

Women have ‘become prey for transwomen inmates’ in California prisons, says Women Liberation Front

In a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom, the Women’s Liberation Front accused the state of violating the constitutional rights of incarcerated women and subjecting them to “physical, psychological, and emotional harm” by allowing transwomen into their living quarters to “prey on women.” “Those running the prison system know how[Read More…]