UK Chief Medical Officer had doubts about controversial COVID policy

Sir Chris Whitty, who acted as the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, during the COVID pandemic expressed his doubts that couples were “not likely to listen” to the UK Government’s proposed “sex ban.”

Whitty urged a “bit of realism” when telling people they wouldn’t be able to get intimate during the pandemic.

In spite of this, the government went on to introduce a “sex ban” for couples who weren’t living together.    Couples living apart were advised  move in together or stop seeing each other in the Spring of 2020.

This is the latest leak from the 100,000 WhatsApp messages leaked to The Telegraph by journalist Isabel Oakeshott.  Oakeshoot gained access to the messages as she was helping former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock write “Pandemic Diaries.”

after she helped former health secretary Matt Hancock write his book, Pandemic Diaries.

According to The Telegraph, Whitty was asked to provide “the official CMO love advice” during a discussion about restrictions on March 24th for couples who didn’t live together.

James Slack, who was then Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said “Sorry for this, but the biggest Q of the day for our finest political journalists is: ‘Can I see my boyfriend or girlfriend if we don’t live in the same household?'”

The UK’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance also provided his take on the situation by saying that the “strict answer is that they shouldn’t meet or should bunker down in the same house”. 

Vallance said this was his opinion “But Chris can give the official CMO love advice.”

Whitty replies to the group chat by saying;

“I think a bit of realism will be needed.”

“If it’s a regular partner I don’t think people are likely to listen to advice not to see them for three weeks or maybe more.

“We could say; if they can avoid seeing one another they should, and if either of them has an older or vulnerable person in the house they must.”

Hancock doubled down on the stance that couples should either move in together or not meet by saying that people should “Make your choice and stick with it.”




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