Marianne Williamson to be first Democrat challenger to President Biden

Marianne Williamson, who announced herself as the first Democrat challenger to President Joe Biden (in the event that he runs), and has stated that she wants to be taken more seriously on this occasion.

Despite campaigning for a year in her 2020 run, Williamson struggled to gain any momentum and dropped out early.

“I stayed in the race to take advantage of every possible opportunity to share our message.  With caucuses and primaries now about to begin, however, we will not be able to garner enough votes in the election to elevate our conversation any more than it is now,” she said in her concession speech.

Williamson said that she still has a desire to “dark psychic force of collectivized hatred.”

Williamson also hit out at the Federal Government’s blindness to poverty and also those who choose not to fix it.

“Some people in this city don’t have the spine or the moral courage to fix it,” Ms. Williamson said, lowering her voice two octaves for effect. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me in there.”

Williamson has since moved to Washington DC and currently lives in a rented apartment in Foggy Bottom.

“I wanted to have the experience of living here, given how much I talk about it and think about it,” she said in an interview.

Williamson’s former campaign manager believes she has some positive ideas to help take the country forward, but this is not the time for her to run.

“She has good ideas, and she can add to the debate,” said Patricia Ewing, Ms. Williamson’s 2020 campaign manager. “But this is not her time to actually run for office.”




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