House Republican targets Rep. Santos with new legislation

A House Republican is reportedly considering legislation that would prevent Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) from profiting off his fabrications if he is convicted of an offense which involves financial or campaign finance fraud.

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-N.Y.), who was the first House Republican to demand Santos’s resignation due to issues raised about his biography and finances, is circulating a bill and a resolution that would prevent any member of the House who is guilty of an offense “involving financial or campaign finance fraud from receiving compensation for biographies, media appearances or expressive or creative works.”

The bill has been titled the “No Fortune for Fraud Act,” would create a law prohibiting House lawmakers convicted of such offenses being able make money from their offense, while a similar bill, titled the “No Fame for Fraud Resolution,” would amend House rules to make such a regulation for those who are indicted, according to copies of the legislation obtained by The Hill.

The new measures don’t mention Santos by name, but when asked on Tuesday if they are meant to target Santos, D’Esposito told The Hill, “it’s one of those things that if the shoe fits, wear it; in his case, even if the shoe doesn’t fit he still wears it.”

Additionally, a Republican source with direct knowledge of the bill told Politico, which was the first outlet to report on the bill, that Santos was largely the reason for its creation.

Santos has not been convicted of any offenses, however several complaints have been made about hm and his personal finances.

Santos told Axios on Tuesday that he has not “been convicted of any crime.”

Lawmakers from both parties have called on Santos to resign. Two of those Republicans, Reps. Marc Molinaro (N.Y.) and Nick Lalota (N.Y.), both of whom are freshman, are co-sponsoring D’Esposito’s bill, as reported by Axios.

Santos has vowed to remain in congress.

“Let me be very clear, I’m not leaving, I’m not hiding and I am NOT backing down,” he wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “I will continue to work for #NY03 and no amount of Twitter trolling will stop me. I’m looking forward to getting what needs to be done, DONE!”




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