Gov. Whitmer under fire after night out during severe storm

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Democrat State Rep. Helena Scott have come under criticism for going on a night out while many in the state lost power due to a severe storm.

The storm caused 700,000 households in Michigan to lose their power along with school closures, office closures, flight delays and the death of a firefighter.  After power was restored, the state was then hit with heavy rain.

“The Midwesterner” posted online that Whitmer was reportedly photographed posing for pictures at a show in Detroit.

“Met the Governor, I can now say I have the key to the city,” one user commented on a picture of Whitmer with two other women.

Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon also took aim at Whitmer.  She compared the actions of Whitmer to those of University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

“Jim Harbaugh helps remove downed trees and serves his neighbors trapped without power. Meanwhile, Gretchen Whitmer rocks out to ‘90s tunes from ‘Jagged Little Pill’ while 700k are left in the cold,” Dixon tweeted.

Democrat, State Rep. Helena Scott came under criticism for going to Las Vegas for a birthday celebration during the storm.

Scott posted a photo on Facebook of what appeared to be a view from a Las Vegas hotel captioned, “Love that view, what happens in…”

A member of staff for the Michigan GOP tweeted “The priorities for the Dems are out of whack.”

Tudor Dixon also took aim at Scott on Twitter.

 “Are there any Michigan Democrats who care about the plight of their constituents?”

Whitmer issued a statement on Friday regarding the storms.

“I met with utility workers who’ve been on the frontline restoring power lines and clearing debris after this week’s winter storm. I’m extremely grateful for the hard work they’ve been doing to improve conditions throughout our state and keep Michiganders safe.”




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