George Santos allegedly questioned by U.S. Secret Service in 2017 credit card fraud probe

The United States Secret Service paid George Santos a visit after his address in Florida  was found in 2017 inside a rental car which had been rented by a suspect who was being investigated for an ATM scam.

Investigators were able to locate Santos in New York City.  They then conducted an interview with Santos in relation to international credit card fraud, according to two sources familiar with the federal investigation. The Secret Service investigates crimes against the financial system that are deemed to be of national interest.

Santos visited the Secret Service’s New York office where he voluntarily handed over two cell phones.  The sources also confirmed that this is where his interview was conducted.

The sources were not able to provide full details in regards to Santos’s connection to the case, however they did inform CBS news that he was not suspected of a criminal offense.

A man who Santos referred to as “family friend” was arrested in Seattle on April 27th, 2017.   The friend was accused of skimming ATM cards in Pike Place Market and then illegally transferring the funds to Brazil.

Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha, the friend in question, pleaded guilty to one federal count of felony access device fraud and was deported back to Brazil.

Santos said during the police interview that he had no idea that Trelha was involved in criminal activity.

The Secret Service issued a statement to CBS News stating that “The Secret Service does not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations.”

Neither Santos nor his representatives have returned any request for comment.




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