24-year-old Orlando journalist killed while covering shooting spree

24-year-old Dylan Lyons, who is a TV journalist, was killed while covering a shooting spree in Florida.  Three people were killed and two were injured during the spree.

Spectrum News 13 identified Dylan Lyons as the journalist who was killed and also confirmed that photographer Jesse Walden was injured while covering the same story.

The gunman killed Nathacha Augustin, 38 during the shooting spree and police believe that he returned to the scene several hours later and killed Lyons.

The gunman then went to a residence nearby where he fatally shot nine-year-old T’yonna Major and critically wounded her mother.

Authorities have confirmed that they have arrested Keith Melvin Moses, 19 in relation to all three shootings.  Moses has been charged with murder.

Moses is said to have a lengthy rap sheet and will also face additional charges in relation to surviving victims.

Sheriff John Mina addressed the press and said it had been a “horrible day”.

He went onto say “No one in our community – not a mother, not a nine-year-old and certainly not news professionals – should become the victim of gun violence in our community.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre paid tribute to Lyons on Twitter, “Our hearts go out to the family of the journalist killed today and the crew member injured in Orange County, Florida, as well as the whole Spectrum News team.”

Spectrum Sports 360 reporter Josh Miller, who was a friend of Lyons, said that Lyons took his job “very seriously” and “loved his career”.

“He loved the community, telling the stories of people, reporting on the news, and he was just passionate about what he did.”

Lyons’s older sister Rachel has set up a GoFund Me page to raise funds for his funeral.

Lyons would have turned 25 in March.




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