Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg asks to take picture of reporter

When asked by reporter Jennie Taer, Buttigieg confirmed that he would visit the Ohio train disaster site.  Buttigieg went on to ask reporter Jennie Taer if he could take a picture of her.

Taer identified herself as a reporter for The Daily Caller and approached Buttigieg while he was walking with his husband Chasten.

Buttigieg previously defended his decision not to visit the site as he wanted investigators to be able to do their job.  He went onto say that when he does pay a visit, he wants it to be one of “action.”

‘I have followed the normal practice of transportation secretaries in the early days after a crash, allowing NTSB to lead the safety work and staying out of their way,’ he said. ‘But I am very eager to have conversations with people in East Palestine about how this is impacted them.’

Taer asked Buttigieg how he was before asking; ‘What do you have to say to the folks in Ohio, East Palestine, who are suffering right now?’ 

“Well, I’d refer you to about a dozen interviews I’ve given today and if you’d like to arrange a conversation, make sure to reach out to our press office,” Buttigieg hit back.

He then hinted that he wasn’t willing to ‘have that conversation with you just walking down the street here.’ 

“You don’t have a message for them?” the reporter asked, as the two walked and talked near the Capitol.

“I do and I’ve shared it with the press many times today and I refer you to those comments,” Buttigieg replied.

When pressed further by Taer, Buttigieg said ‘No I’m going to refer you to the comments I made to the press because right now I’m taking some personal time and I’m walking down the street.’

Taer then asked whether he would visit East Palestine, something he said he would do on ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier Tuesday.

After pausing, Buttigieg allowed, “Yup I’m going.”  Buttigieg did not confirm a date.

Buttigieg then said “Can I get a photo of you?”

Taer noted the incident on Twitter.

“I asked Secretary Buttigieg about the crisis in East Palestine and I guess he didn’t like that so he took a pic of me. I’m just doing my job, sir. @DailyCaller”




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