China’s top diplomat calls US response to balloon incident ‘hysterical’

China’s top diplomat blasted the Biden administration for their “incomprehensible and almost hysterical.” Reaction to their balloon flying over US airspace.

 Wang Yi, who holds the top foreign-policy position in China’s Communist Party, spoke at the Munich Security Conference, where Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken were also in attendance.

“It is 100% an abuse of military force, and clearly violated international norms,” Wang told government officials.  Wang made the same comments’ to Pakistan’s foreign minister.

Wang passionately denied that the balloon was used for spying on the United States and said the United States chose to ignore “the most basic facts.”

China have acknowledged that the balloon should not have flown over US airspace, however they maintain that shooting it down was a massive overreaction. Wang then said that the United States should follow suit and own their mistakes.

“We ask the US to show its sincerity and correct its mistakes, face up and resolve this incident, which has damaged Sino-US relations,” he said.

“We hope the US could pursue a pragmatic and positive policy towards China, and work with China to push Sino-US relations back to the track of healthy development.”

Wang also took aim at the United States for their trade deals with Taiwan, stating that the the CHIPS Act to spur US semiconductor production was “100% protectionism” and a violation of World Trade Organization rules. 

Wang said that Taiwan “will never be a country.”

Biden canceled a visit to Beijing following the increase in tensions caused by the balloon being shot down, however he did say on Friday that he would speak to President Xi Jinping to “get to the bottom” of the matter.




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