Attorney who helped Rep. Santos fight bad check charges now rethinks innocent ruling

New York Attorney Tiffany Bogosia, who was hired by Rep. George Santos (R-NY) who helped him fight charges that he wrote several bad checks in 2017, now has serious doubts about whether Santos is innocent.

The New York congressman was charged with theft after several bad checks to dog breeders in Pennsylvania were written in his name, as per his attorney Tiffany Bogosian, who said that she worked on Santos’s case in 2020.

Santos stated that the nine checks, which totalled $15,000, did come from his checkbook, but that it had been stolen, according to documents Bogosian provided to ABC News. Copies of the checks did show the word”puppies” written in the memo field.

Bogan told ABC news during an interview that she first met George Santos in High School.   Bogan said she stepped into help with the case after authorities served Santos with an extradition warrant in February 2020. Bogosian said she only helped Santos informally due to her not being able to help him in Pennsylvnia.

In response to the warrant, Bogosian informed a Pennsylvania state trooper that Santos had told her the checkbook had been stolen, as per emails provided to ABC News by Bogosian.

“In 2017 he received four check books for the account at his request from the TD BANK branch he banked with in Queens, NY, and of the four one went missing. He immediately called his bank upon learning 1 [of the] 4 check books was missing and all checks were canceled at that time, with a stop pay on all checks,” Bogosian said in the email.

Santos’s charges were dropped at a later date and the case was also expunged from Pennsylvania state records.




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