Santos, already raising funds for 2024, is asked by FEC to clarify if he’s running for re-election

The Federal Election Commission have reportedly asked Rep. George Santos, (R-NY) to confirm by March 14th whether he intends to in 2024, as per a letter sent by the agency.

The letter, which was mailed to Santos on Tuesday, noted that his primary campaign committee, Devolder-Santos for Congress, reported expenditure of funds raised for his 2024 campaign.  As notification has been received of official campaign expenditure, Santos will now be required to formally declare that he’s running again.

The letter comes after the Santos’s campaign team, which lost its longtime treasurer last month following questions about where his campaign funds came from and what they were used for, reported in its latest disclosure filing over a dozen contributions which totaled $28,000 and expenditures which amounted $43,000, both of which are dated after November’s election day and were directly attributed to the 2024 campaign.

“You must either disavow these activities by notifying the Commission in writing that you are not a candidate, or redesignate your principal campaign committee by filing a Statement of Candidacy,” the FEC stated in their letter.

A spokesperson for Santos’ congressional office chose not to comment when contacted by ABC News. When asked in January if he was planning to run for reelection, Santos said, “That’s too early. I told you, I just got here.”

Under federal election law, candidates have to file a statement of candidacy to the FEC if they either raise or spend over $5,000 for an election.

Santos will now have to either declare that he is running again or clarify the recent expenditure.

Brendan Fischer, who is a campaign finance expert and the deputy executive director of the government watchdog group Documented, stated that Santos’s situation could usually be easily fixed, however given the media attention Santos has recently received, it could be more complicated than normal.

“But given the level of scrutiny and criticism that Santos has been receiving, he might make some political waves once he complies with the FEC’s request and formally declares his 2024 candidacy,” Fischer told ABC News.




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