Pakistani General Pervez Musharraf dies at 79

Former president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf, who supported the United States during their invasion of Afghanistan during his reign, has died at the age of 79.

Musharraf died in Dubai, where was living on a self-imposed exile, following a prolonged illness.

Musharraf ruled Pakistan for nearly 10 years after taking power in a blood-free coup in 1999.  

His passing in the United Arab Emirates was confirmed by Pakistan’s embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Musharraf gained praise during his time as President of Pakistan for both a strong economy and for fighting for women’s rights.  He also permitted two private news channels to operate.

Musharraf also survived two assassination attempts during his tenure.

He became an ally of the United States and enjoyed cigars and imported whisky, along with urging Muslims to adopt a lifestyle of “enlightened moderation.”

His family announced in June he was suffering from amyloidosis; this is an incurable condition that sees proteins build up in the body’s organs.  This condition confined Musharraf to hospital for the remaining months of his life.




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