Top Biden official praises ‘Squad’ members on his way out the door: ‘I am so grateful’

Outgoing White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who has served as head of the Executive Office since Biden was sworn in to office in January, heaped praise on progressive Democrats, stating that their “leadership has been invaluable to the success” of President Biden’s presidency so far.

“I am so grateful for these kind (too kind) words from Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.] and @USProgressives,” Klain wrote on Twitter in response to parting remarks from Jayapal, who serves as chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “Their leadership has been invaluable to the success of the Biden-Harris administration — and our progress as a country!”

Klain will leave his role following the state of union address next month.

Biden has appointed Jeff Zients, who served as Counselor to the President and the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator from January 2021 to April 2022, as Klain’s replacement.

Jayapal released a statement on her website paying tribute to Ron Klain, and also welcoming Zients into his new role.

“Ron Klain is a national treasure. As Chief of Staff, he was a relentless and effective champion of the President’s agenda, helping to shepherd through a raft of the most progressive legislation passed in recent history. He understood that progressives were both the biggest advocates of the President’s economic agenda and the largest part of the coalition both inside and outside Congress. He was deeply respectful of both the strength and the power of the Progressive Caucus and the progressive movement. He also helped ensure that a strong progressive voice was always at the table, through the hires of the Biden Administration in powerful positions, through his own advocacy in rooms that often have not had such an advocate, and through his public articulation of what it looks like to have an economy and a government that works for regular people.

“Every time we celebrate a legislative accomplishment of the last two years, we are celebrating Ron’s tremendous leadership. We’ve seen powerful, progressive governance from the Biden Administration and Ron was critical to making so much of that happen. Under the President’s leadership and Ron’s guiding hand, Democrats delivered over and over again for the American people, reminding people that government is the great equalizer of opportunity. From the American Rescue Plan to the Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, Ron’s influence is being felt by working people and poor people, small businesses and local and state governments across this country.  

“On a personal level, it has been my privilege and a true joy to work closely with Ron and see his integrity, his values and his smarts at play every single day. He is the epitome of an exceptional public servant and I have no doubt that his voice and his leadership will continue to serve the public in all his endeavors.

“I also look forward to working closely with Jeff Zients in his new role as Chief of Staff. As White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Jeff guided our country out of the darkest days of the pandemic. He was essential to the scouting of much of the talent of this Administration, including many progressives in top positions. His leadership has already saved both lives and livelihoods and I know he will be essential to helping to deliver the rest of the President’s agenda. I look forward to working with Jeff to continue to deliver progressive wins for the American people.”




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