Jan. 6 rioter who maced Brian Sicknick sentenced to 80 months

Julian Khater, who pepper sprayed several police officers during the January 6 riots, has been sentenced to 80 months in prison.  One of the officers pepper sprayed, Brian Sicknick, died a few days later after suffering several strokes.

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Hogan believed that Khater’s attack was premeditated, and he made his way to the front of the crowd with the intention of doing harm.

“It’s inexcusable,” Hogan said, waving away Khater’s claim that his “crippling anxiety” caused him to act irrationally amidst the chaos.

A medical examiner confirmed that Sicknick’s death was of natural causes, however his family believe that Khater’s actions, coupled with the stress of dealing with January 6th led directly to his death.

Sicknick’s mother addressed Khater in court. “You attacked my son like he was an animal. You are the animal, Mr. Khater. … How does it feel to be headed to jail for a bald-faced lie?”

Many Capitol police officers arrived at court for Khater’s sentencing. The officers stayed for the full hearing.  Notably in attendance was Caroline Edwards, who was also pepper sprayed by Khater.  Edwards told the court that she suffers from “survivor’s guilt” as she was not in a position to help Sicknick due to being pepper sprayed herself.

Prosecutors played footage of when Khater used his pepper spray on the officers.  Prosecutors outlined how an already under staffed police defence line lost not only the 3 officers who were pepper sprayed, but further officers who had to guide them to safety.

Prosecutors requested a 90-month sentence for Khater.  The 80-month sentence handed down by Judge Hogan is the harshest sentence given to any January 6 rioter so far.

Hogan stated that the Washington DC jail where Khater is being held influenced his decision to give a slightly lighter sentence to Khater.  Hogan referred to the conditions inside the jail as a “disgrace.”

Hogan did however criticize Khater for not apologizing to any of the officers he injured.  Khater stated that he did not offer a direct apology on the advice of his lawyers.




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