Volvo announces worldwide recall of over 100K vehicles due to faulty brakes

Volvo announced this week that it is recalling over 100,500 vehicles worldwide due to a possible brake system failure.

The models affected by the recall include 2023 models of the C40, XC40, S60, V60, XC60, V90 and XC90. The specific glitch with the cars is in its brake-by-wire software, which could potentially fault during a diagnostic test, causing the anti-lock braking and electronic stability control systems. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a notice last Thursday, advising drivers of the recall and what actions to take if their vehicles are affected. Drivers can check whether their cars are part of the recall by doing a search by the Vehicle Identification Number on either the NHTSA or Volvo’s websites. According to the NHTSA, Volvo will address any callers whose vehicles are affected by sending an “over-the-air (OTA) BCM2 software update, free of charge.”

Drivers will also be notified about the recall by letter which will be mailed March 15, 2023. Thus far, Volvo has not had any reports of injuries or deaths as a result of the issue, but drivers are encouraged to contact Volvo to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Affected customers can reach Volvo to address the recall by using the  Volvo Customer Care Contact Us form at or calling 1-800-458-1552.




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