What We Know: Sole gunman kills 11 in CA dance hall before running from authorities and committing suicide

A lone gunman killed 11 people in a California dance hall this weekend before going on the run from law enforcement authorities and ultimately killing himself before he was located by police.

The suspect, 72-year old Huu Can Tran, was a frequent patron of the dance hall where he opened fire on Saturday night, taking the lives of 11 people, one of whom succumbed to their injuries the following day after being treated at a local hospital. After he left the first dance hall, where he also left several people injured, he traveled to a second dance hall location in Alhambra.

When the suspect entered the second location, the owner, Brandon Tsay, wrangled the weapon away from him before the suspect fled. The following day, after an intense law enforcement search, officers attempted to pull over a white van whose driver was believed to be the suspect, but as they approached the vehicle they heard a singular gunshot from inside the van. Officials found the suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The victims are all believed to be between 50 and 80 years old, and were celebrating Lunar New Year when the attack took place. Authorities on Monday announced they had recovered several weapons, ammunition, and evidence that the suspect was “manufacturing” his own gun silencers at his home. Officials are still looking for a motive in the shooting as victims remain in the hospital, with one still in critical condition. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna told reporters on Monday, “This is disturbing. How could you come to reason someone would do something like this? It’s horrendous.” 




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