$136k Lawsuit filed against Twitter for overdue rent on San Francisco office space

Twitter, Inc. is being sued by a property management company for failure to pay $136,000 in rent at an office space in San Francisco, according to a new court filing.

The filing, dated December 29, claims Columbia Reit, the landlord for the 30th floor of an office building, did not receive payment for rent on the space and sent a notification to Twitter in early December giving the company five days to submit payment.

When the rent payment was not received within the five day threshold, the landlord filed the lawsuit in a California State Court.

Twitter has undergone a massive overhaul both logistically and financially since the company’s takeover by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in November.

Musk is struggling to keep his personal wealth in check as his turbulent Twitter deal caused Tesla stocks to nosedive, tanking his bottom line. Musk has made major personnel cuts at Twitter and has disbanded many of the company’s entities, including the press department, which previously handled all press releases and media relations for the company and its executives.

The new lawsuit comes on the heels of a report from November that claimed Musk had ceased paying his rent on Twitter rental spaces worldwide as a part of his effort to maintain financial stability at the company.

The space named in the December 29 complaint is not Twitter’s headquarters, though Musk has reportedly not paid rent on that space, either.

The suit seeks the $136,250 in unpaid rent, along with interest on that amount, plus the property company’s attorney fees.




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