6-year-old boy found buried under floorboards after allegedly being drowned in toilet by mother’s boyfriend

An Arkansas boy was found buried under the floorboards in his home after allegedly being drowned his mother’s boyfriend in September.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by NBC News, 6-year-old Blu Rolland is believed to have been killed by his mother’s boyfriend, 33-year-old Nathan Bridges, when he shoved the boy’s head in a toilet as “punishment.” The boy’s body was found months later, on Dec. 16 – his sixth birthday.

Family members of Blu’s had noticed his disappearance after he was repeatedly kept from scheduled custody visits with his father, Dustin Rolland. Authorities were eventually called over concerns of burns found the the boy’s sister.

When police showed up at the home, the boy’s mother, Ashley Rolland, 28, initially told deputies that Blu wasn’t home but she eventually confessed to her father that the boy was dead, and had been buried beneath the floorboards of her house.

The body had been wrapped in “multiple layers of plastic bags” and the police said that the floorboards were “newly nailed-down.”

Beneath the floor they found a child’s flip-flops and a blanket before finding the body covered in soil.

Rolland’s mother also claimed that the boy had collapsed and died, but later admitted that her son had bit her boyfriend’s finger and he allegedly forced the boy’s head into the toilet until he drowned.

Bridges is also accused of abusing Rolland’s sister, who was reportedly taken to the hospital for severe burns after Bridges allegedly held her head under hot water in the bathtub because she had been misbehaving.

Bridges has since been charged with capital murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence, battery, and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Blu’s mother has also been charged as an accomplice to capital murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with physical evidence, endangering the welfare of a child, battery and permitting child abuse.




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